4 Reasons Why Your Garden Needs a Privacy Screen

4 Reasons Why Your Garden Needs a Privacy Screen

Spring has finally arrived, which means that it's time to start planning your perfect summer garden. If you plan to spend more time in your outside space this year, you should consider garden screening as an immediate way to transform your space. We live in London and are overlooked by over 10 different properties, so are all too familiar with the feeling of being constantly overlooked when we step outside. Privacy screens are a great solution to this issue, and also have many other uses to make your garden truly unique. Here a four reasons why you should consider adding decorative privacy screens into your garden plans for the summer.

To provide some privacy

In the summer we all have groups of friends coming round for drinks, or children's friends coming to play in the garden. The last thing you want is to feel that your every move is being watched by the neighbours who are invariably out enjoying the sun too. You can easily install privacy screens in locations where you know people commonly have a little look into your garden, such low-lying hedges, easily creating a far more private enclosure. The great thing is that our privacy screens are totally modular and can be cut down to size, which means they can fit any space, no matter how awkward. 

To cover up parts of the garden you want to hide

Have you got a crumbling concrete wall at the back of your garden that you are sick of looking at? Or an old weathered shed that that needs replacing, but you can't find the time to tackle it? To achieve the aesthetically perfect garden you dream of, you can use a privacy screen to cover them up. It's a super easy, cost-effective option that can give any dull area an instant transformation. Sometimes we just can't find the budget or the time to create our ideal garden, but that doesn't mean you can't easily improve your existing garden that you enjoy spending time in. 

To grow climbing plants up 

At this time of year, we are all thinking about what we can plant to create a stunning garden for summer. Invariably, most of us are looking for some kind of garden trellis solution to grow climbing plants up. The problem in the UK is that there simply are no durable trellises on the market – we have looked! All seem to be made of wood which is quickly permeated by water, leading to mould, rot and fading. By the time your plants have taken hold and started to grow up the trellis, you are already thinking it is time to replace it. All of our garden screens and trellises are made of advanced wood composite, so they do not take on any water and do not age. You can install them knowing that they will look spectacular for years to come and will actually provide architectural interest while you are waiting for the plants to take over the limelight. 

To partition your garden

Sometimes all we really want is our own little space to dive into a book and get away from the stresses of life. A great idea is to purchase some comfortable outdoor seating to lounge on and place two privacy screens at a right angle, to create that bit of enclosure. This means that your children can still easily find you when they fall over and graze their knee, but you've still got your own little area to call your own. You can even encourage plants to grow up some types of privacy screen to make them blend in perfectly with your garden.
So it looks like garden screening is one of the major trends in landscape design this summer. What do you have planned for your garden this year?
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Can’t wait for the samples es to arrive so can decide what to order. The souk trellis looks wonderful. We live on the Wirral at its highest point. We want the screen s to afford our neighbours privacy as well, because although we have a small walled garden, we tower above the houses behind us. So excited that we will have the opportunity to get the look we have been after for a long time.

Marje Smith

I have received the fence samples thank you. I live in Manchester and would like a brochure on the screen designs, sizes and costs including delivery.please.

Steve Cooper

What a lot of useful ideas . The photos are stunning and the screens give a real impact on the garden. My brain is buzzing with ideas for our garden and I can’t wait for the samples I ordered over a month ago.to help us make the decisions for our orders.


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